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Gray Horse Farm has all the amenities that you would expect from a top-notch horse facility, such as: indoor/outdoor sand arenas that are dragged regularly, a temperature controlled barn, tack room, and lounge.  The driveway wraps around the barn so trucks and trailers can easily navigate in and out of the property.

horse facility Illinois

The horse facility includes eleven spacious 12' x 12' stalls and two 12' x 17' stalls. The stalls have rubber mats on the ground for your horse's ultimate comfort. Automatic waters are in each stall providing constant fresh water. Each stall also has its own fan providing every horse some air movement on those humid Midwest days and nights.  A wash rack is available with hot water and heaters. On-site laundry facility is available for cleaning saddle pads, brushing boots, standing wraps and bandages.

horse barn

There is a secure tack room in the barn where clients can store their saddles and bridles. Each client has their own personal tack box where they can store their equipment. Additional storage is available upstairs for larger items like tack boxes and blankets.  The bathroom is attached to the tack room which allows for comfortable changing after school or work.

tack room

 The lounge and tack room are air conditioned and heated. Both the lounge and tack room are set-up for allowing easy viewing of the indoor arena. The lounge also includes a refrigerator, television, and a library of horse videos and books.


 The indoor arena measures 200' x 72'. Both the barn and indoor arena are heated in the winter and maintained at a comfortable 45 degrees. A high-quality sound system is wired throughout the facility and is used for clinics and announcements during on-site horse shows. At other times, music is piped throughout the barn and arena areas.

indoor horse arena

 The outdoor arena measures 240' x 120' with plenty of space for jump courses. Both indoor and outdoor arenas have state-of-the-art sprinkler systems and are dragged regularly.

outdoor horse arena

 There are six 45' x 50' all-weather, limestone paddocks and six small grass pastures at Gray Horse Farm.  All paddocks and pastures have their own automatic waterers.  Horses are rotated within these areas, depending on weather, time of year, conditions and maintenance needs. Care is taken to assure the pastures produce good grasses for spring and summer.

horse facility Illinois

We are located a mile north of Jubilee State Park, which has 30 miles of trails.  

Our barn manager lives in the apartment above the barn.  This gives everyone piece of mind.  We also run a 24/7 video security system. 

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