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In Remembrance

Maggie (July 12, 1986 - June 29, 2007)


Maggie K. Berkebile was a student of mine from November 2001 to July 2005. She never spoke an ill word of anyone. She owned an infectious laughter that would create an environment of fun and cause everyone around her to start laughing. Her lovely and gracious parents, Steve and Peggy Berkebile gave her everything to aid her in her discovery of her potential.


While Maggie was here she rode her horse, Cheetah. He wasn't an easy horse but they made a good team. She loved riding him and learning everything she could to be a better rider.


Maggie's family moved from Dunlap, IL, to Golden, CO, where she attended Regis University. While at college she rode Cheetah and did very well showing jumpers in shows including the prestigious Denver Stock Show.


Maggie was finding her stride and decided she wanted to be a nurse. She had just been accepted into the Nursing program at Regis University. She also was planning to find her next horse in Australia where her parents were relocating for work.


On June 29, 2007, Maggie died in her sleep. The world is going to miss her laughter, her honesty, her multiple hair colors and styles, her cookies and her simple magic. We at Gray Horse Farm and her friends are planning a Perpetual Trophy in her name. This will be a special class designed with Maggie in mind. In other words, this is going to be a fun class involving riding without stirrups. This was one riding assignment that tried Maggie. She dreaded those lessons, but always did it and was very proud of herself when the lesson was over and she was still on.


Maggie is going to be greatly missed by those who knew her. She was an angel.




Connie Fowler (November 18, 1958 - June 13, 2007)


Connie was a treasure. She worked part time at Gray Horse Farm from November 2005 to February 2007. She was dependable, honest and hard working. She loved animals and they loved her. At lunch time you thought that Connie and the barn cats had reservations at the picnic table under the tree. The cats learned early that she would always share her sack lunch. She was giving of herself to the animals and to us at Gray Horse Farm.


Connie is missed by all of us here at Gray Horse Farm and all the animals she loved and gently touched in her way.

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